About us
Spotmyfare is a subsidiary of GK Global company which has long standing interests in Social media management, marketing management and content management at various platforms of promotions for hotel and travel Industry. 
The GK Global Company aspires to make Spotmyfare.com the most useful and sought after tool for facilitating B2B business in travel industry.
Our client range runs from UK to India and some of the top brands of the industry are our valuable clients.
"Spotmyfare.com bridges the gap between the agents for sharing their expertise, efficiencies and work in synergy for mutual growth and expansion"
We help you achieve higher revenue numbers by increasing your market reach to targeted audience.
With a vast experience of travel and hotel Industry, our promoters bring in a lot of new ideas and concepts to promote and increase one's business with the use of current trends and technology.
Spotmyfare.com aims to help its client achieve the highest growth potential and to become an integral part of their growth trajectory